Youto (妖都, youto) is the majestic capital of the Hidden Realm. It lies at the center of the eight lands and binds the eight Hachiyo, rulers of the Hidden Realm, together. Many of the ayakashi living in the capital hail from the upper class. Tourists come for the high-end restaurants, the geisha houses, and the shops catering to the latest fashion trends.[1]


It is a big city with one enormous, bright tower in the center. The city lights are golden while the tower glows bright blue.

Shops and Dining

  • 菱前屋 (unclear reading) is a shop which sells many luxurious kimono.
  • Glass Shop (硝子屋, garasu-ya) is a store which sells pottery, vases, and glass goods, including Youto Cut Glass.
  • Oni with an Iron Club (鬼に金棒, oni ni kanabou)[2] is a geisha house which provides dining, such as innards hot pot, and entertainment. Suzuran is a former geisha of this establishment.


It is first shown in episode 3. Odanna takes Aoi to the capital as a reward for her assistance in the dispute between the Tengu, lead by Matsuba, and Tenjin-ya.


  • Youto (妖都) is written with you (妖), meaning attractive, bewitching, or calamity; and to (都), meaning capital (of a nation).


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  2. Manga Volume 3. While the sign on the building is consitently written as 棒金に鬼 in both the anime and manga, it is read backwards.
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