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The Tengu Fan (天狗の団扇, tengu no uchiwa) is an object treasured and protected by the Tengu. Aoi Tsubaki received a fan from the Tengu leader named Matsuba and she keeps it close at hand.


It is a large and rigid leaf with five green blades. (In the manga, it has seven blades.), the leaf veins are white and the stem is thin but long enough to grip.

Powers & Abilities

It can provoke an incredibly strong airflow as it is able to drive back anyone and send them flying.


When Shirō Tsubaki saved Matsuba's life sixty years ago, Matsuba promised Shirō a Tengu fan in return. Shirō never received it before passing away. The fan is first shown when the elder Matsuba gives it to Aoi Tsubaki since it was promised to her grandfather and because he has grown fond of her. While everyone around Aoi is in awe of it, no one explains what it is used for. She thinks to use it as decoration underneath dishes.[1]

On her her first visit to Youto, Aoi wears the Tengu fan tucked into the back of her kimono obi (sash). The fan is first used in a wild attempt when Aoi is attacked by ayakashi. Not knowing what to expect, the power of the air blast surprises and impresses her. She uses it again with more purpose later in the episode against Tannosuke and his men.[2]

When making the last minute preparations to open her new eatery, Moonflower, Aoi is attacked in the Tenjin-ya gardens by an unknown assassin. She slips on a banana peel and swings wildly. Both Sasuke, who is part of Tenjin-ya's security, and the assassin are caught in the airflow. Sasuke, who has his own affinity with air, lands neatly. The assassin crashes back to the ground and seems to have had enough, for he escapes afterwards.[3]