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Princess Iso (磯姫) is one of the minor characters in the Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi series.


Iso-hime appears as a mermaid ayakashi with a beautiful pale face, dark green eyes, and green hair styled in an up-do. Her most notable feature is the crystal in the center of her forehead which allowed her to see the future. Her outfit consists of a white hagoromo shawl and a green and pink kimono with a red obi.


Iso-hime is seen to have a kind and caring personality, and is shown to be concerned for the well-being of Ginji and Ranmaru when speaking with Aoi Tsubaki.


300 years ago, Iso-hime had a vision that led her to finding the two children guardian spirits Ginji and Ranmaru. She raised them on her own and considered them her only family. She trained them so that they could help her conduct the ceremony to cleanse the Southern Land's curse. However, she was betrayed, and the ceremony failed, with a torrent of natural disasters forming that threatened to engulf and destroy the Southern Lands. In order to protect the Southern Lands, she decided to sacrifice herself, drawing all the cursed miasma to her body and sealing herself in the Dragon Ruins, but not before she told Ranmaru and Ginji that they were her pride and joy.[1]


Iso-hime is first seen speaking to Aoi Tsubaki after transferring her to her thoughtform's realm. She tells Aoi about Ranmaru and Ginji, expressing her concern for them, and then sending Aoi back to the Dragon Ruins to retrieve the mermaid scale after she says that Aoi must be the one to cook the dishes made of ocean treasure.[2]

Powers & Abilities

Iso-hime had the ability to see the future.



She thought of Ranmaru as devoted and loyal, with a strong sense of justice, and noted how he began to grow out his hair after she told him it was beautiful. At some point, she had appointed Ranmaru as her successor.


In contrast to Ranmaru, she thought of Ginji as a smart boy with a penchant for being mischievous, and noted how he never lost a fight.



  • She is shown to like sweet things, as seen in episode 20.
  • According to Odanna, she and Ougon-Douji were very close, trading sarcastic remarks while having tea together
  • Unlike the other Japanese ayakashi, her clothing is based on a traditional chinese dress called Han fu.