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Nene (ねね) is one of the supporting characters in the Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi series. She is currently the young hostess at Orio-ya.


She has bright pink hair and pink eyes.

When she becomes upset or depressed, she turns into a small pink fire rat.


Despite being initially jealous of Aoi when she first appeared at Orio-ya, she became more honest over time. She has an inferiority complex in comparing her hostess abilities with Oryō.


When she was younger, her grandparents brought her to Tenjin-ya, where she accidentally bumped into another inn patron. This accident was resolved by Oryō's skills at a hostess to distract the other inn patron. After this visit, Nene was inspired to become an inn hostess at Orio-ya, but constantly compares herself to Oryō. This leads to her actions in the main plot.


She is irritated by Aoi's presence, believing her to be a nuisance, and took part in an incident that injured Aoi's ankle. She may also have been behind other cruel pranks played on Aoi though this is never proven.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Nene rat form 3


  • Nene is unable to control her ability to turn into a fire rat, and this transformation is primarily controlled by her emotional state.


Aoi Tsubaki


She and Hideyoshi are childhood friends and were neighbors from the same village. Although she does not reciprocate Hideyoshi's feelings for her, she cares about him as a close friend.


Oryō is Nene’s idol and the reason she chose to become a room attendant and later Young Hostess. As a young girl, Nene met Oryō when she appeared to save Nene from a drunk customer during her stay at Tenjin-Ya. While Nene is shown to be rude towards Oryō by calling her an old woman, and has stated that being compared to Oryō by Hideyoshi and Ranmaru makes her doubt her abilities, she is later shown to have a great respect for her.


Nene is stated to have a crush on Ranmaru, and she holds deep respect for him as he is the lead manager of Orio-Ya.


  • Unlike most Ayakashi that have been seen to change forms at will regardless of mood, should Nene be depressed, she cannot revert to her original form even if she wants to until she acknowledges or deals with the problem directly..
  • She seems to be uncomfortable around drunk people, stemming from an experience in her childhood with a drunk man she bumped into at Tenjin-Ya years ago as a young girl.


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