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Aoi Moonflower Grand Opening ep06
Moonflower (the sign is written as おが夕 but is read as 夕がお, yuugao) is an eatery opened by Aoi Tsubaki at the Annex of Tenjin-ya. With Aoi possessing a culinary repertoire suiting ayakashi taste, the eatery might have the potential to be a success--if only customers would come calling.


With the hope of paying off her grandfather's debt to Odanna and unable to find employment elsewhere within Tenjin-ya, Aoi is convinced to open up an eatery of her own. The initial idea came from Ginji, the approval from Odanna, and support from Kasuga, Oryō, Matsuba, and many more.


The eatery opens at dusk and is given the name Moonflower, a name suggested by Matsuba. Ginji helps with preparations and Akatsuki helps hang the sign above the door. Opening night is reserved by Matsuba and his fellow tengu. It proves to be a huge success and the celebration lasts until morning. The following nights, however, have no guests at all.[1]

Moonflower is about to be closed according to Byakuya, due to the lack of incoming funds to keep the business running. Hakkabou stops into the eatery after having delicious bento boxes that Aoi had made for him to help him write. Having a great experience, he writes a good review of Moonflower in his section of the newspaper, leading to the eatery to become booming with business. Due to the increased success, the eatery was not forced to close.

Having heard about the Moonflower's Apparent Realm style food, Nuinoin and his wife, Ritsuko, who are members of the Royal Imperal Court, requested for an anniversary dinner.


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