The Hidden Realm (隠世, kakuriyo) is the name of the other world where ayakashi dwell. It consists of a central capital, Youto (妖都, youto), and eight lands, each one brimming with diverse nature and cultures. Much the same as humans, ayakashi are carrying out their day-to-day lives energetically.[1]


Each of the eight lands is ruled by a powerful leader called a Hachiyo (八葉, hachiyou). Together, the eight Hachiyo rule over the Hidden Realm. They are as follows:

  1. An unidentified ice being (氷人) in the north.
  2. Odanna is the ogre god (鬼神, kijin) of Tenjin-ya. His land is located in the northeast.
  3. An unidentified dragon being (龍人).
  4. An unidentified azukiarai (小豆洗い) related yokai.
  5. Ranmaru is the dog god (犬神, inugami) and lead manager of Orio-ya. His land is located in the south.
    1. Previously, Princess Iso, a mermaid, was the Hachiyo of Orio-ya
  6. An unnamed ittan-momen (一反木綿) yokai of Yahata-ya.
  7. Matsuba is a tengu (天狗) of Mt. Shumon. His land is located to the west.
  8. An unidentified group of eight tanuki (文門狸の八人).


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