I'm Marrying into an Inn for Spirits. (あやかしお宿に嫁入りします。Ayakashi oyado ni yomeiri shimasu.) is the first episode of the Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi anime. It aired on April 2, 2018.


On her way to school, Aoi, who can see ayakashi, encounters an ayakashi she's never seen and is abducted to Tenjin-ya, an inn in the hidden realm. There, she learns that her grandfather promised that she'd marry the master innkeeper to pay off his debt.[1]


Aoi is a young woman who was born with the power to see mysterious spirits and creatures known as “ayakashi”. This resulted in her being abandoned by her mother and saved by a mysterious ayakashi until she could be taken in by her kind grandfather Shiro, who shared her ability. Shiro raised Aoi to be kind to ayakashi, speak to them respectfully and always offer them food.

One day, shortly after the death of Shiro, Aoi gives a boxed lunch to a hungry oni (ogre/demon). To her surprise, he responds by whisking her away to the hidden world where ayakashi live and declaring that she will become his bride. The oni explains that he is the master of an inn for ayakashi known as “Tenjin-ya”. Her grandfather, the only known human able to cross freely into the ayakashi world, had during his lifetime racked up a debt of 100 milion yen at the inn. Lacking the money to repay the inn owner, he instead offered the hand of his granddaughter in marriage. Furious, Aoi refuses to marry the oni and declares that she will instead work off her debt by finding a job at Tenjin-ya. However, the various ayakashi employees treat her coldly and refuse to work with her. The sole exception is Ginji, a shapeshifting nine-tailed fox. Ginji used to own a restaurant on the inn’s grounds, but it failed due to a lack of customers. After the two bond over cooking for one another, Ginji suggests that Aoi reopen the restaurant and cook food from the human world, which ayakashi find extremely delicious.







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