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Camellia&Bento Ep01

The Camellia Hair Stick is a gift from Odanna to Aoi Tsubaki. According to Odanna, the flower will blossom and bloom and then fall off the end of the hair stick. It provides Aoi a time limit for paying back her grandfather's debt.


The hair stick is made of two twined strands of dark brown wood decorated with a camellia flower bud made of rose quartz. From tip to tip, it seems to be about six to seven inches long.


Aoi first receives the camellia hair stick bundled up with the left over bento lunch she gave to an unknown ayakashi (Odanna) at a shrine in the Apparent Realm. Along with the hair stick was a cloth which pulled her into the Hidden Realm and the camellia bud is in partial bloom.[1]

Camellia Ep03

Odanna presents the camellia hair stick to Aoi a second time aboard the airship on their trip to Youto. He informs her that she needs to pay back her debt before the flower falls. The camellia is more of a bud at this time than when it was first seen, although Aoi comments that the bud appears to be swelling, insinuating that it is looking primed to bloom.[2]

While Aoi is staying at Orio-ya, Ranmaru takes the hair stick away from her, in order to keep her there. He threatens to throw the camellia hair stick into the ocean where it will be lost forever. Odanna comments about the absence of the camellia hair stick when he is disguised as a peddler.


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