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Aoi's Mother is one of the supporting characters in the Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi series. She abandoned Aoi Tsubaki years ago, leaving her daughter to starve due to neglect.


In Aoi's memories, Aoi's mother is a slender woman with long straight hair and wears a short dress with long sleeves.


Aoi's mother is a cold and neglectful woman.


On the day she abandoned her daughter, Aoi's mother told Aoi to not go outside and to not open the door even if someone came by, effectively imprisoning her and leaves with a rolling suitcase. She never returned [1] and she has not been heard from ever since then.


Powers & Abilities


Aoi Tsubaki

Because Aoi could see ayakashi, her mother treated her coldly and sequentially abandoned her. A young child at the time, Aoi was either not able to feed herself or was not left food to eat, or both, and nearly starved. The trauma of starvation from her mother's abandonment continues to haunt Aoi.

Shirō Tsubaki

It is currently unknown if Aoi's mother is Shiro's daughter or daughter-in-law.


  • After she left Aoi all alone, it is unknown if Aoi's mother is still alive or not.


  1. A reoccurring flashback such as in Episode 1 and Episode 8